Date June 4, 2012

Trucking companies and the trucks they maintain are goverened by federal laws and often supplemented by state laws that address a variety of issues, one of which includes how long a driver can stay behind a wheel without resting. Drivers are now routinely required to document such things as destination and arrival times. If these drivers arrive early at their destinations, it can be determined that they truncated the federal rest statutes that are in place.

Exhausted drivers and driver fatigue can cause signficant accidents, injuries and deaths to those on the roadways. Tractor trailer trucks (those pulling a semi-trailer) are the most common truck model on the highways and as such, account for roughly 60% of all trucks involved in fatal accidents on the roadways.

Federal laws limiting the amount of time truck drivers may stay behind the wheel were put in place to promote trucking safety and the ensure drivers get the proper amount of rest that they need.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck-related accident and you suspect driver fatigue may be the cause, please contact the Truck Accident Lawyer Group to learn about how we can potentially help you.

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